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Arch Dental Assistant Academy

The Arch Dental Assistant Academy, located at 6749 N Oshkosh Ave, Chicago, IL, offers a unique and accessible path to a career in dental assistance through its innovative online program. This 11-week course is designed for those seeking a new career in the dental field, blending the convenience of online learning with practical hands-on experience.

This program stands out for its flexibility and efficiency. It allows students to complete their studies entirely online, making it an ideal choice for those balancing other commitments. Each week involves a manageable commitment of two hours of live online lectures every Saturday, coupled with seven hours of independent study. An added benefit is the option to attend hands-on lab training at a regional facility, included at no extra cost, enhancing practical skills necessary for a dental office environment.

Financial accessibility is a key feature of the Academy. With a tuition significantly lower than many other institutions, it also offers various payment plans to suit different financial situations, ensuring students can graduate without the burden of significant debt. Furthermore, the Academy has a flexible scheduling system, with new classes starting every Saturday and multiple seminar dates available, making it easier for students to find a start date that fits their schedule.

In addition to its educational offerings, the Academy provides robust career support. Dedicated campus managers assist graduates in their job search, reflecting a commitment to student success beyond the classroom.

Prospective students should note specific requirements, such as providing a valid ID, proof of educational background, vaccination records, and adhering to professional conduct and appearance standards. The tuition cost is $2,950, with options for full payment upfront or a weekly payment plan, including a deposit and subsequent auto-drafted payments.

The curriculum covers a wide range of essential topics, from dental anatomy and radiography to legal aspects and emergency procedures. It requires approximately 3.5 hours per week of engagement with lectures, videos, and quizzes. The program also includes a take-home lab kit for practical exercises.

For in-person training, the Academy operates various lab locations across the United States, with specific state regulations applicable in some cases. The in-person lab component comprises 20 hours of training over a weekend, reinforcing skills such as sterilization, radiographs, and other critical dental assistant tasks.

Program InformationDetails
Program Duration11 weeks
Class SchedulesSaturdays, 2-hour online sessions
PrerequisitesU.S. Government-Issued photo ID or passport, High School diploma or equivalent, shot records or vaccination waiver, access to a computer, English proficiency
LocationMultiple U.S. locations; headquartered in Chicago, IL
Phone(512) 559-1971
Email[email protected]
Job PlacementYes
Online Classes?Yes
Free Classes?No

Arch Dental Assistant Academy offers a comprehensive, flexible, and financially accessible path to becoming a dental assistant. Its blend of online and hands-on training, coupled with strong career support, makes it a viable option for those looking to enter the dental field.