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Dental Assistant Academy of Chicago (DAOC)

The Dental Assistant Academy of Chicago (DAOC) offers a specialized 12-week Chairside Dental Assistant Program. Situated in downtown Chicago, DAOC stands out with its modern facilities and student-focused approach. Unlike its competitors, DAOC operates in a full-service dental facility dedicated solely to education, rather than a dental office doubling as a training ground.

Program Structure and Schedule

DAOC’s program is meticulously designed for rapid transition from classroom learning to workplace readiness, concentrating on essential skills for dental office work. Lectures occur once a week, with options for Wednesday or Thursday sessions, including breaks and a lunch hour. Additionally, students must complete 112 clinical hours at DAOC’s facility. These hours are flexible, with options available from Monday to Friday, allowing students to potentially exceed 8 hours a week to fulfill this requirement.

Learning Environment

A unique aspect of DAOC is its dual-classroom setup within a functioning dental facility, providing students with a blend of traditional and hands-on learning. The facility accommodates 16-24 students comfortably and is equipped with modern multimedia tools. The clinical/lab portions are integrated within the dental practice, offering real-world experience in various dental assisting tasks.

Consumer Information

DAOC is transparent with its consumer information, disclosing enrollment figures and outcomes. In the 2019-2020 period, 114 students were admitted, with 87 completing the program. Of these, 70 were placed in their field of study, 3 in related fields, and 15 found employment without the school’s placement assistance. However, information on state licensing exams and average starting salaries was pending at the time of reporting.

Veteran Benefits and Career Assistance

DAOC is approved to accept veteran benefits, providing an additional avenue for funding education. The academy also emphasizes career potential and job placement assistance, though specific placement rates and assistance effectiveness were not detailed in the available information.

Program InformationDetails
CostContact the program for current fees
Program Duration12 weeks
Class SchedulesOnce a week (Wed or Thu) + 112 clinical hours
PrerequisitesNo specific prerequisites mentioned
Location25 E Washington St Suite 510, Chicago, IL 60602
Phone(312) 465-2718
Email[email protected]
Job PlacementPlacement assistance offered
Online Classes?No
Free Classes?No

DAOC’s Chairside Dental Assistant Program offers a unique blend of practical and theoretical training in a dedicated educational environment. With flexible scheduling, modern facilities, and a focus on essential dental assistant skills, it presents a compelling option for those seeking a swift and focused path into the dental assisting profession.