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The University of Illinois Hospital offers a Dental Assistant Certification Program through its UI Health Mile Square Health Center, designed to prepare students for a dynamic career in dental assisting. This program is hosted in Chicago, Illinois, and is tailored for individuals seeking to enter the healthcare field with a focus on dental care.

Program Overview and Setting

This comprehensive program is structured to train students to work in public health settings, offering experience in various dental care areas, including medically complex cases, pediatric services, oral surgery, and prosthetic services. Training occurs in modern clinics equipped with the latest technology, such as digital imaging and electronic record-keeping systems.

Eligibility and Course Structure

The program is open to individuals who have completed their high school education or obtained a GED. The course encompasses 32 hours of lecture (which can be completed online), 70 hours of lab and hands-on training, 40 hours of externship, and an additional 8 hours focused on coronal polishing and sealant certification. The entire program, including externship, totals 170 hours and is designed to be completed in 12 weeks, culminating in a dental assisting certificate upon successful completion of all exams.

Instruction and Faculty

Courses are conducted by certified professional staff who handle lectures, exams, and supervise clinical rotations. Classes take place weekly at clinic locations in Auburn Gresham.

Tuition and Fees

Thanks to the generosity of the Delta Dental Foundation of Illinois and the Illinois Children’s Healthcare Foundation, tuition assistance is available for the program. Students are required to cover a fee of $300 for textbooks and uniforms.

Program InformationDetails
Cost$300 for textbooks and uniforms
Program Duration12 weeks, plus additional time for externship
Class SchedulesLectures online, Labs on evenings/weekends, Externship during clinic hours
PrerequisitesHigh school diploma or GED
Location1740 West Taylor Street, Chicago, IL 60612
Phone(866) 600-2273
Email[email protected]
Job PlacementYes, aside from books and supplies
Online Classes?Yes (Lectures can be done online)
Free Classes?No

University of Illinois Hospital’s Dental Assistant Certification Program offers a thorough and hands-on educational experience, preparing students for a rewarding career in dental assisting within a short period. With its focus on modern techniques and diverse dental care areas, the program provides a solid foundation for those aspiring to join the healthcare sector as dental assistants.